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PC PAL Growth Chart Components: A unique chart drawing module for your medical system

Our Growth Chart Components are a unique range of software routines specifically developed to construct any graph format and draw superb quality images from population reference data such as WHO and CDC.

These customisable solutions provide the means to fully integrate electronic growth charts into applications for hospitals and EMR systems. PC PAL's wide ranging chart library can serve the interests of endocrinologists, general paediatricians and well baby clinics such as WIC clinics in the US.

The Growth Chart Components plots auxological measurements including height, weight, head circ., sitting height, arm span, foot length and waist line.

Percentiles and Standard Deviations are calculated based on population references and premature references. Other calculations are performed such as BMI, height velocity, target height.

Whether your need is auxology and anthropometry research or targeted at a specific disease, PC PAL can supply a tailored solution with custom layout and integrated functionality.

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