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How interactive are the charts?

They can be controlled with the mouse so that no keyboard input is necessary. Point to a visit for hints showing the underlying data. Right click to zoom to width or height, copy the graph to the clipboard or print. Magnify a specific portion of the graph by marking it with the mouse.
During integration of the component, other hint information and callbacks can be added to directly access data from the chart.

Can several users access the charts at the same time?

Yes, since the component is to be installed in a software application, it can handle as many users as the program allows.

Why are the PC PAL computerized Growth Charts unique?

The computerized charts developed by PC PAL have features not available from other developers. They can replicate each country’s official paper versions, are easily and perfectly printed, and include charts for premature children. They can be used interactively and exported to other programs. Additionally these computerized charts can be customised and adapted to match your requirements. During the integration process interactive features, such as hints and callbacks, can be added to the charts.

In which applications can the component be integrated?

The component can be integrated into all applications supporting Microsoft's Active X technology. Web solutions can also be supplied.

Is the component easily integrated into other applications?

Yes, it is easily integrated into any system. Alternatively, we can carry out the integration for you.

How much time is required for the development of the customized components?

With our enhanced growth chart-drawing tool, we are able to respond very quickly to your requirements.

I have a special feature that I want to use in the chart… is it possible to integrate it into the component?

PC PAL will customize the charts whether it concerns new functionality, layout or disease specific variations. We have worked with many customers developing new charts to fulfil their specific needs.

Are the charts easy to learn and to use?

Learning time is reduced as the application does everything except handling the data entry. Since graphs can replicate official paper versions the layout may already be familiar to users.

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