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PC PAL's computerized growth charts offer significant advantages compared to paper based systems. They provide an exact, automatic positioning of the entered values which avoids plotting errors and saves staff time; with the data stored electronically the process of finding and retrieving the record is very quick.

Since a single paper master record is no longer required, the chart always contains the most recent observations and can easily be viewed or printed by professionals from other departments or in different locations.

The potential for all of the patient’s carers to access patient information on demand, contributes significantly to both patient safety and efficient management.

"Auxology is such a fascinating science and with the introduction of computerized growth charts we hope we can generate some further interest in the auxological follow up of children of all ages".
– Dr Lars Hagenäs, Karolinska Institute

Most nations wish to preserve visual continuity with existing paper charts and also mandate a population reference set to use for all children. In these cases a country specific component, which is already used in that country, is available. When disease specific charts have been mandated these are also included.


About PC PAL

PC PAL is the world leader in developing advanced computerized growth charts and provides worldwide e-Health solutions to healthcare professionals, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry.

More than 400,000 users in over 20 countries are currently using software developed by PC PAL.

Our products are available as either a software component for integration into third-party providers’ medical software, or as a complete electronic patient record, GrowthXP. Growth XP is designed to satisfy the auxological recording and display requirements of all paediatric departments. For more information see

PC PAL also develops software and databases for multi-national clinical trials and outcome surveys providing trouble-free, efficient and secure electronic data capture. These systems satisfy the most stringent requirements of American and European good practice regulations with features including status management, data validation, field dependencies, handling of missing values, full audit trails, passwords and encrypted data transfer.

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